Welcome to contact EasyCodeShare for your suggestions or requirements. Potential frequently asked questions (FAQs) could be the following.

  • Q1: May I use the contents on EasyCodeShare?
  • A: We grant you all privileges to our content and codes on non-commercial or even commercial purposes. However, please give a reference link to EasyCodeShare if you adopt any stuff. All example codes are released under the MIT license, so feel free to use it.

  • Q2: May I hire you to help our code development?
  • A: We will ignore all requests for coding jobs.

  • Q3: I found copyright issues in EasyCodeShare.
  • A: We carefully review posts all the time to prevent from Infringement. If it really happens, write a message to tell us which post, where the mistake is, and what you want to take down.

We try to reply soon, but if not so fast as you expect, apology and be patient.